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How to Properly Prepare and Pack Your Clothing before a Move

In preparing for your move to San Antonio, it’s finally time to begin the packing process. As you look around, however, you realize you have a lot more stuff than you realized, including clothes! If you are wondering how you will ever decide what clothing items you should keep and what should go, San Antonio movers have some great tips on how to determine what you should bring with you to your new home. Once you have decided what clothing you are going to pack, local San Antonio moving company All My Sons also has advice on how to properly pack, so that everything is travel ready.

Deciding what clothing stays and what goes:

Each evening leading up to your move, go through your clothes a little at a time to avoid getting overwhelmed or stressed. Start with clothing that is out of season, so that you don’t have to worry about finding it again until after your move. Place all clothing that falls under the following three categories in a pile that you will eventually donate, sell, give away, or toss out.

-          Outdated and worn out items: Sure styles come back around eventually, but do you really want to hang on to every piece of clothing that is out of style in hopes that you will be able to wear it again in 20 years? Probably not, so get rid of outdated items. Take the time before you move to San Antonio to set aside worn out items, as well. This includes clothing, shoes and accessories that have tears, holes, rips, or are broken. Maybe you have planned to get these items fixed, but never did. If you haven’t repaired an item by now, chances are you never will and you should let it.

-          Items that don’t fit anymore: If you have recently lost a few pounds and are at a healthy weight, it’s time to let your bigger clothes go. This will not only free up some space in your closet but will also help you look forward to a healthy future rather than the past. Same goes for kids’ clothes you may be hanging on to from when your children were younger. It’s time to donate, sell or give these items away to someone who can use them.

-          Clothes you simply don’t want anymore: Whether it’s a shirt you’ve over worn or a sweater someone gave you as a gift you really didn’t like, there is no sense in moving to San Antonio with clothing you will never wear. These items will take up space in your moving boxes, clutter your new closet and keep you from enjoying items you really do wear.

Properly packing clothes in moving boxes:

After you’ve decided which clothing items you’re bring with you to your new home, San Antonio movers suggests using the proper packing technique to get your belongings safely to their new home.

-          If you want to keep your clothing on its hangers, purchase moving boxes that are specifically made for hanging clothes in. Once you get to your new home, you’ll be able to easily transfer your hanging clothes from their moving box to your closet rod.

-          Be sure to only pack clothes that are clean and dry. Mixing dirty and clean clothes can give all of your clothing items a foul smell while placing wet and dry clothes together can give items a mildew odor.

Utilize the proper moving boxes and don’t over pack them. While packing for your move to San Antonio think about how heavy you are making each box, being sure to reinforce the boxes’ strength with moving tape.