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How to Not Ruin Your New Bathroom Drains

There are few things more exciting than getting to use your San Antonio movers to get settled into a brand new home. Choosing new decorations, making new friends with your neighbors, and getting to enjoy the luxury of new appliances are just a few of the perks of moving into a new home. However, the last thing that you want to do is ruin your brand new home right after your San Antonio moving company pulls away in their truck!

In order to avoid doing this, make sure that you do not make common mistakes that many homeowners often do. Especially when it comes to your brand new bathrooms, there is a laundry list of things that should not go down your drains. By doing so, you run the risk of clogging your brand new beautiful bathroom right after your San Antonio movers finish unpacking all of your belongings. Take these tips from All My Sons on how to not ruin your new bathroom drains, and your home will continue to stay feeling brand new!

Hair. For those who have long hair, chances are that you know how much hair clogs your bathroom drains. Before you know it, your brand new drains are completely unusable, and you are feeling like you want to call your San Antonio moving company to turn around and come pick you back up. Invest in a drain screen in order to prevent any unwanted hair from going down your drain – you will thank us later!

Chemicals. By putting cleaning chemicals down your drain, they corrode your bathroom pipes and ruin them before you even get a chance to enjoy your nice new bathroom. Instead of using harsh chemicals and putting them down your bathroom drain, make your own green drain cleaner with vinegar, boiling water, and baking soda. This mixture proves to be an excellent way to keep your drains clog-free, and for keeping them exactly like they were the day that your San Antonio movers unpacked all of your belongings for you in your new home.

Oils. Avoid putting any type of oil down your bathroom drains, such as hair oil. Once oil goes down pipes, it ends up solidifying and ultimately causing a clog. Save yourself and your San Antonio moving company the headache by soaking up excess oil with paper towels and getting rid of them in the trash. You will quickly learn that this is the best way to avoid ruining your brand new bathroom drains.

Toiletries. Any product that is made out of cotton or fiber should absolutely not make its way down your bathroom drains. Products such as cotton balls, swabs, bandages and dental floss should be thrown in the trash and not down your bathroom drain.