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How to Keep Your San Antonio Home Warm during the Winter – without Having to Use Heat

Having to use your San Antonio movers during the wintertime can leave you wondering how to cut costs when it comes to getting settled into your new home. Especially if you are moving from a warmer climate, having to use heat during the wintertime can not only be a foreign concept, but also a costly one.

Luckily, your San Antonio moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, have over 20 years’ experience moving families. With that much experience, we have picked up a couple of tips along the way for how to keep your San Antonio home warm during the winter – without having to use heat.

Invest in blackout shades. By having your San Antonio movers unpack blackout shades for you in your new home, you can easily save a ton of money in your new home. Add thermal lining to your shades in order to save energy and money in the long run. Not only will they keep your home warm and cozy, but they will also add a much needed warming effect to your home during the winter months. Don’t worry, once summer rolls around, you can switch out your blinds for cooler ones.

Seal your window frames. Before you have your San Antonio moving company get you settled into your new home, make sure that all of your new home’s window frames are checked out for cracks. Failing to seal any cracks in your home can allow a lot of heat to escape and the cold air to get in. Regularly check your home for any new cracks once you move in; if you find any, caulk the area in order to seal the crack.

Install a programmable thermostat. While you may think that lowering your heat all the way when you are not home helps in saving energy, it actually does the opposite. By lowering your thermostat then raising it when you return, you end making your heater work extra hard to make up for the drastic changes in temperature. Instead, ask your San Antonio moving company about investing in a programmable thermostat that will efficiently lower your temperature by only a few degrees when you are not home.

Use warm blankets. If you do not have any substantially warm blankets for your San Antonio movers to unpack for you, then you should purchase some for your new home. Down-filled blankets trap heat, and if that does not keep you warm enough, then an electric blanket should do the trick. For an added bonus, make sure that there are plenty of rugs throughout your new home during the winter time. Since heat can escape through your floor boards, rugs are an excellent way to make sure as much heat stays in your home as possible.