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All My Sons Reports on the Real Estate Market in San Antonio

Thanks to real estate professionals on Realty Times online, the All My Sons of San Antonio movers learnt all about what’s happening in the San Antonio, Texas area regarding real estate. Realty Times reports that the San Antonio realty market is very active even though December is right in the middle of the holiday season.

The San Antonio local movers learned that this is due to a few factors that are specific to the area such as the high employment rate. While states across the city are struggling with a high unemployment rate, this is not the case for San Antonio. In fact, the market is good for both home buyers and home sellers. The San Antonio moving specialists also learned that the mortgages are at an all-time low, helping both lenders and buyers alike. Finding qualified buyers in the area is a little easier than in some other parts of the country.

Even if today’s economy has still not recovered, it’s at least somewhat stable so potential home buyers feel more confident about buying real estate and moving into a new home.

Also in the area is the Eagle Ford Shale oil play that’s bringing about house demand for the thousands of workers and their families. The Eagle Ford is a geological formations under the Austin Chalk Shale. It’s considered to be the source rock of hydrocarbons and produces variable amounts of dry gas, wet gas, condensate and oil.

The realtors on Realty Times report that there are about 10,401 homes for sale right now compared to 11,694 a year ago. These professional realtors are estimating that the home inventory is going to keep going down. They are saying there’s about a 6-month supply of homes, which is considered a balanced real estate market and doesn’t favor buyers or sellers.

The San Antonio moving specialists learned that average price of recent closings on homes is at $176,003 compared to last year’s $193,701. The average cumulative days on the market for the most recent home sales is 139 days compared to 144 of last year.

If you’re interested in buying a home in San Antonio, it looks like now is the right time. When you’re ready to move in, call the local San Antonio movers for a smooth and stress-free moving day. All My Sons of San Antonio has outstanding customers service and professional moving services at a great price. So when you’re ready to move, call the San Antonio movers.