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Holidays and House Guests

So it's the holiday season and the local San Antonio movers are sure you're expecting some house guest. Back in 2010, a travel-rental site concluded that during the holidays nearly a quarter of relatives have overstayed their welcome after just one day. All My Sons of San Antonio learned that over 93 million Americans are expected to travel to visit friends and family. TripAdvisor says most of them, almost half, will stay at homes of relatives and friends. If you have family staying with you for extended period of time during the holidays, make sure to communicate your expectation. For example, let your guests know about out-of-bound rooms around the house, smoking areas if any, whether their pets are welcomed and so on.

The local San Antonio moving specialists learned that almost 30% of respondents of a 2012 HomeAway survey stated their siblings will get on their nerves. 16% of respondents say their mother in law is a nuisance followed by 11% stating their mother is. The All My Sons of San Antonio learned fathers and fathers in law are the most popular with just 6% and 4% of them getting complaints. The survey showed 55% of travelers plan to spend the holiday season with nine or more people. Being a guest means that you're not spending money on accommodations which in today's economy means a lot. Plus the holidays can already be pricey with extra food to buy, presents, new clothes and other expenses. However, the San Antonio movers learned that about 15% of people that responded to a TripAdvisor survey will stay in a hotel to avoid straining their family throughout the busy holiday season.

If you'll be staying with family or friends this holiday season, you can thank them by pitching in with chores around the house or cooking a few meals. You can also invite them to stay with you should they need to rest after the holidays. You can buy them a gift and offer it to them on the day you leave or even help out with expenses during the period of your stay. Don't hesitate to pick up after yourself, offer to babysit if there are kids or offer to take on some of the errands.

Happy holidays from the local San Antonio movers.