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All My Sons Moving And Storage Present Homebuilders

How do you find a good deal on a home? Many homeowners who are selling their properties, might back off if an offer is to low. Some even pull their houses off the market altogether. Those that are selling have the choice whether or not to leave their house on the market. However, homebuilders don't have that luxury. They have money invested in land and construction, they can't afford to simply sit on these investments. Many homebuilders are eager to sell this spring and with some research, you can find great deals on these homes. Here are a few tips on how to get a deal.

According to rgj.com, if you're looking to buy one of these already-constructed homes, you need to find out how long ago was the home built and how many people are living in that development. Why is this information important? The reason is, the longer the house has been on the market, the better chances you'll walk away with a great deal and the same goes for the size of the development. The bigger the development, the better. What you can do is compare the prices of the homes with those in the neighborhood. According to rgj.com, ignore transactions that are older than 60 days. It's always wise to compare but don't put too much emphasis on the prices of other homes. One house may sell for more than another. Don't get blindsided with the process of comparing. The main reason for comparing is that you want to weigh what your offer is going to be; meaning if there are a lot of newly constructed homes that aren't selling, then your offer will obviously be lower than if there was just a few left. It's the law of supply and demand simply put. One thing that goes without saying, always make an offer below the asking price. If the price of the house is $400,000, then you should make an offer of $375,000. Of course, if you did your homework and compared the houses in the neighborhood and found out that the house is worth $350,000, then your offer should be below that amount. Don't worry about offending anyone, it's business and that's how it works.

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