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Home Tests That May Save Your Life

Sometimes you can't really see trouble that's around you. Simply because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. There are many things in a house that can be dangerous. You might find something in the attic or maybe even in your fuse box. There are many ways that your home might be a danger to your health. There are some tests that you can do that are inexpensive and may save your life. The San Antonio movers, your local San Antonio moving company, want to share a few tips on tests you can do to make and keep your home safe.

First, it's important to test for Radon. Radon is a radioactive gas and is deadly. According to MSN.com, radon causes 21,000 lung-cancer deaths each year. This gas is odorless and colorless. Many people don't test for radon because they believe it's a problem that can only be found in homes that have basements. Testing for radon is inexpensive and can save your life. You can buy test kits that cost approximately $20 at a hardware store.

Another gas that is deadly is carbon monoxide. If you're going to the hardware store to buy the radon kit, then might as well pick a carbon monoxide detector at the same time. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every house should have at least one carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is responsible for approximately 500 deaths each year. The detector can be bought at your local hardware store for $40. For that price, it might be a good investment to buy one for each room.

How many of us really clean our dryers? Well, cleaning the lint that gets trapped in the dryer can save your house from a fire. Seems like each year about 15,600 fires are caused by lint that's trapped in the vents and ducts behind the dryer. If you want to keep your home safe from these lint-related fires, clean your vents and ducts. It's also a good idea to take a look behind your dryer to make sure no clothing was left behind.

If you live in San Antonio,Texas and you're looking to buy a house, make sure you do these tests before you move in. When you do make that purchase, make sure to call the San Antonio moving specialists, your expert moving company to help you with your move. Our San Antonio moving company is licensed and insured and our professional movers are backed by four generations of moving experience. On moving day, our movers will be ready to move all of your belongings with a well laid out plan to make sure that your move is pleasant, fast and safe. For a great moving experience, call the San Antonio movers today!