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Pay Back Home Tax Credit

The homebuyer tax credit has helped millions of people to buy homes during this tough economic market. However, according to MSN online, almost 1 million homebuyers have to pay back that tax credit. The Inspector General for Tax Administration reported that of 1.8 million taxpayers that claimed this tax credit in 2009, more than 950,000 of them will have to pay it back. All My Sons of San Antonio learnt that a total of 12.5 million dollars was given away for tax credit in 2009. The reason is that some of the people who received this extra money for help actually bought their homes in 2008, when the tax credit worked like a no-interest loan worth 10% of the home’s buying price, or up to $7,5000. Recipients are expected to pay back the loan over 15 years.

If these homebuyers would’ve waited until 2009 to buy their homes, they would no longer have to pay back. The local San Antonio movers also learnt that The Inspector General for Tax Administration found out that 1,326 taxpayers who received $10.1 million in homebuyer tax credits, were identified as deceased by the Social Security Administration. MSN says that about 4.1% of the 2009 recipients had incorrect home purchase dates recoded at the IRS. Of those, about 59,802 had bought their homes in 2009 but the IRS incorrectly recorded these purchases for 2008 which means that some people will wrongfully be getting notification to pay.

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