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Biggest Sellers' Mistakes

It can be hard to sell a home in this economy. There's a huge inventory of homes for sale, both old and new, in almost every city. Buyers have so many options at every price point. That's why if you're looking to sell your home so you can move into a newly upgraded one, there are certain mistakes you should avoid to do like for example underestimating the power of cleaning up your place before showcasing it. Sure, cleaning seems to be obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many real estate agents complain about a property not being clean and clutter-free. An unkempt home is not attractive to homebuyers. Make sure every little corner of the house is clean, not just on the surface. Take a look at your closets, make sure your clothing is neatly folded and hanging. Take a look at your garage, laundry room and every little space in the home. Potential homebuyers will inspect every inch of the house, they are almost investigating the place to see if it features what they're looking for. They will not only walk into various rooms, they will also open doors, peek inside appliances, open drawers and cabinets, basically look everywhere. Make sure your home is clean and clutter-free.

Another common mistake is linger on during open houses. Sure you might be curious as the seller and owner of the home, but staying during open houses might make the potential homebuyers uncomfortable with really exploring the home. If they can't inspect the place at their leisure, they will leave with plenty of questions unanswered, potentially hurting the deal. They also don't want to feel rushed with the actual visit, they enjoy walking at their pace through the various rooms, conversing honestly about the property. With you as the seller there, this experience will probably not happen. Let a real estate agent take care of the open houses.

Selling your place yourself, as in for sale by owner, might not be the best idea. When you hire a realtor, you're not only getting the expertise involved with selling a home, you're also getting their connections and network, advice about selling price, negotiation skills and so on. They will work on your behalf. Also, the quality of people visiting your place will be different. It's less traffic in terms of randomness, but it's more people that are pre-approved for mortgages and serous buyers. If they have questions about market comparables and home inspections, your realtor can answer those.

And if you are going with a realtor, it can be a mistake not to interview a few of them. You don't want to hire the first person for the job, you want to hire the best person for the job. Ask about their professional experience along with the types of market they have worked with in the past. You want someone who knows your neighborhood well so they can showcase the location as part of the deal.

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