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Cracks Can Be Repaired

Have you noticed a crack in your concrete walls? Concrete is made out of sand, gravel and water. In order for the concrete to dry and become hard, the water needs to evaporate. During this process, the concrete shrinks and may cause cracks. According to MSN.com, these types of cracks don't cause trouble to the structure of a house. They're a problem because they create an entry point for water, bugs and toxic gases. The San Antonio movers, your expert San Antonio movers offer a simple way to repair those cracks, so read on.

What you need in order to fix the crack permanently is a liquid concrete repair kit. Before you start this project, make sure that the crack is dry. If it isn't, then use a blow dryer and wait a few minutes before fixing it. If it's completely dry, go ahead with the repairs, but if dampness returns, then it means water is leaking into the crack and you'll have to wait for it to dry completely. When the crack is completely dry, you need to clean it from any debris. Remove all loose concrete, dust and anything that might be in the way.

With your repair kit open the two containers of epoxy crack sealer and take out equal amounts of both. Mix them together until you get a nice gray color. Once that's done, spread it over the crack. You need to make sure to cover the entire crack. After that, cover it with some crack sealer. Smooth everything out with a paintbrush and you're done! You can buy all the necessary items at your local hardware store. If this seems too complex for you, then call some experts and let them fix it. Don't wait too long you don't want water entering your house or worse toxic gases.

If you notice that the cracks are coming back even after having repaired them, don't attempt to fix them again. These cracks might be an indication of a more serious problem with the structure of your home. If this should happen, call a structural engineer for an evaluation right away.

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