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Renovations Under $1000 By The San Antonio Movers

Saving money isn't always easy, All My Sons Moving And Storage Of San Antonio suggests the following home renovations that will cost you under $1000.

Water Heater ($922). According to AOL.com, replacing a hot water tank will lower your monthly bills and give you more hot water.

Deck and Porch ($888). If you want to have a healthy deck and porch, then sealing them is well worth it. This is a project that you can do yourself.

Security System ($873). Installing a security system is a great investment. Not only do potential buyers love the fact that they'll feel safe, but it also lowers a homeowners' insurance.

Tree Service ($801). Many people don't think of tree trimming to be important. It is, it reduces the chances of you having to chop them down and gives your home a beautiful look. Take care of your trees.

Painting ($736). If you're not in the mood to repaint your home then hire a professional painter. It changes the look of your house for the better.

Fan ($706). Having the air conditioner on all the time is expensive. Installing a fan is a great way to reduce that expense. A fan will circulate the air around your house and keep you feeling cool.

Bathtub Refacing ($690). If your bathtub is cracked, then refacing it is a good idea. You can use fiberglass inlays and this will give your bathtub a new look and feel.

The Roof ($558). The roof is very important and some repairs don't cost as much as people might think. Patching your roof could cost you a couple of hundreds, but will save you lots of money in the long run.

Drywall Repairs ($539). Patching up holes in walls isn't always an easy thing to do. The cost of drywall repair can be surprising but it's something that has to be done. If you can do it yourself great, otherwise hire a professional for this repair.

Wood Fence ($520). If you don't want to lose your fence, then staining is recommended. It helps keep your fence strong. If you have a few missing panels, then replace them. Replacing a wood fence can cost close to $3000, so staining it and taking care of it is well worthwhile.

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