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Create a Home Office in Any Room

Sometimes even your dream home does not have all of the accommodations that you end up needing. If you have recently moved to a San Antonio home and find that you need an office but do not have a room to spare, don’t sweat it! Your San Antonio moving company knows how you can create a home office practically anywhere. Whether you need a place just for your computer, or you have filing cabinets, a printer, and tons of books, there IS a solution that will suit your needs.

Tight spaces

Tight spaces are often overlooked and left empty when homeowners can’t think of what to do with them. If you are in need of a home office, find an area like this in your home. For instance, if you have open space under your stairs, this could be the perfect place for a small desk and chair. If a small desk will not fit, you can hang a shelf and use it as a floating desk. You may need extra storage, so stick a filing cabinet under the desk or shelf, and just be sure that your chair can still tuck in. If you have a power outlet under your stairs, great! If there isn’t one close, you can run an extension cord along your baseboards.

You may have an attic that creates a tight space with low ceilings somewhere on your second floor. These small areas are perfect for a home office area. A small desk and decorative chair can add utility and style in a cramped room. The same idea works for a room with an oddly-shaped corner that you do not know what to do with.

If you have a little extra room in your laundry or mud room, it could double as a home office. Add some sturdy shelving to an open wall and a chair that will not be in the way, and presto! A stairway landing is usually pretty empty. Some people put a tall bookcase against the wall so that it is not bare. Why not add a small table for your computer and have a complete home office?

Open areas

A basement is a perfect place to create an airy home office. If your basement is finished, you likely already have a bookshelf, entertainment unit, or some shelves where a home office would fit perfectly. You can use one of these pieces as your work surface or bring in a desk. Fill in the surrounding shelves with books and files that will come in handy.

If you do not have a basement, maybe a breakfast nook could work. If your family does not use this designated eating area, why not make it a functional home office? It definitely has room for a table, and there are surely plenty of plugs for your computer, printer, and a desk light. Your kids will probably use this area a lot too in between snack breaks.

When you moved into your San Antonio home, you knew it had so much potential. Don’t let the lack of a dedicated home office change your mind! You can make a functional office space almost anywhere in your home.