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Decorating on a Budget

Whether you just moved and need some furniture or you’re having a guest stay over at your house for several days, you can always spruce up your space for little cost. Fixing up your place, giving it a cozier feel and showcase its best way, really doesn’t have to cost much.

First look closely at the various rooms around the house. Take in the inventory you have and locate a few places you can ad something. So for example, if your living room is bare, think of hitting up your local flea market and buying a few lamps or side tables. You can also look online on websites like Craigslist for cheap goods in great shape. You can also sell some stuff you’re tired of and se the money to buy new furnishings. To separate rooms, you can use folding screens that also decorate the space.

Think about your walls too. Adding art, photographs even shelves can add character and depth to a room. You can even frame bright wrapping paper and decorate your walls for close to nothing. If you can paint well, adding designs or a mural to your wall can really add pizzazz to a room. Posters and reproductions of famous work can also be a great idea.

Side tables are great and cheap way to prop stuff up such as television for example. You can also put two together and make a coffee table. At stores like the Ikea, side tables are sold for close to nothing. They are very versatile and practical.

To make a room warmer, add a throw rug in. Overstuffed pillows on the couch can also be a nice cheap way to decorate. They invite people to come in and relax.

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