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Listing of Home Buying Programs for First Time Homeowners

Buying a home these days is certainly more affordable, but not a possibility for all. There are many home buying assistance programs though that are helping people to achieve their American dream, mostly first time homebuyers. The local San Antonio movers found out these programs come with restrictions, some might check for a specific credit score while others want proof of citizenship. In New York for example there are many first time homebuyer programs that offer fixed-rate mortgage financing at competitive rates and down-payment assistance. The Remodel New York program allows first time buyers to finance the purchase and repairs. Achieving The Dream targets low-income first time buyers and helps with loans with very low fixed rates and up to 97% financing on one and two bedroom family homes including condos, co-ops and manufactured homes with permanent foundation. But borrowers must come up with 1% of the property's value and 3% for co-ops. All MY Sons of San Antonio learned New York also has the Construction Incentive program and the Low Interest Rate program.

In Colorado, people have access to the SmartStep program where first time homebuyers have access to 30 year fixed rate mortgages at below market interest rates. Buyers have to contribute at least $1,000. The HomeOpener and HomeOpener Plus programs are almost the same as SmartStep but the purchase-price limits are waived. The San Antonio moving specialists found out Colorado also has the Second Mortgage Loan program as well as the Mortgage Credit Certificates program which basically saves homeowners money each year they still reside in the property. Tennessee has the First Time Homebuyer program offering people a chance to qualify for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage at competitive rates. The Great Rate program offers rates as low as 3.6% on 30 year mortgage loans. The Great Start program offers 4.2% rate but first time homebuyers get 4% of the loan amount to cover the down payment and cost.

The local San Antonio movers found out New Jersey has all types of assistance programs as well, from the First Time Homebuyer program to the Smart Start and the Purchase/Rehab Mortgage program. Ohio boasts Grants for Grads, the New Home Sweet Home program and Down Payment Assistance. Dakota and Montana also join the list of states helping out first time homebuyers with NeighborWorks Montana helping nationwide buyers with second mortgage loans to help pay for down payment and closing costs.

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