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Thinking of Buying a Home? Consider This!

The real estate market is getting better and it's still very much a buyer's market. There's a lot to choose from, at various price points. But the local San Antonio moving specialists remind you, the basic rules apply. Location is still very much a big player in the real estate landscape. Properties that are close to entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes do really well on the market. Homes close to hospitals, universities and large employers also do really well. So know that if you're looking for a hotspot location, you will pay extra for that, even in a good buyers’ market.

If you're thinking of getting a good deal by buying a foreclosure, a short sale or even a rent-to-own property, expect to go through a lot of financial procedures and regulations. There's a lot of paperwork to go through, so having your credit score ready and documents aligned can really help expedite the process. A pre-approved letter can also help things move along, essentially making you a more credible buyer and giving you an edge over the competing buyers who are also putting in bids. It's not uncommon these days for sellers to get multiple bids, especially on foreclosure homes that are on the market for a great deal.

Consider checking the comparables to see what other homes in the radius you're interested in are going for. The local San Antonio moving specialists recommend you only look at comparables that are 6-months old at most. Things in the real estate industry change really fast. A new entertainment venue next to a neighborhood or a new park can increase the value of a certain area, at the same time multiple foreclosures in one block can lower the value of many homes. Don't forget to negotiate. Even if you can't lower the price, you might be able to get a seller to pitch in for closing costs payments.

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