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Holiday Parties in Small Homes

The holiday season is upon us. The shopping, the office parties and holiday get-togethers are just around the corner. But how do you throw a party if you live in a small space like a one-bedroom apartment or even a studio? The local San Antonio movers say it's possible, but there's some planning involved to make the party go smoothly and your guests comfortable. If you have a small home, it's important you determine first what kind of party you want to throw and how many guests you're planning to invite. Small places work better for dinner parties or pot luck kind of get together since the kitchen is probably also small. With not a lot of counter space and big appliances, it's hard to cook up a feast. All My Sons of San Antonio says you can also have a desert party and serve cake, cookies, fruits and wine. Make it even more interesting by throwing in some fondue.

 If you prefer not to have people over for dinner, you can try getting together with a group of friends at your place before actually going out. This way you won't have to worry about where everyone is going to sit or even provide dancing space. All you need is some crackers and cheese and everyone's favorite drink. Think wine, beer and a few cocktails before you head out together. This type of party will give you the chance to invite more people and catch up with different group of friends. This type of party is kind of a pre-party. The local San Antonio movers say you can also do this pre-party before a sporting event or a big family dinner.

Hosting in a smaller space means you need to be better organized. You'll want to get rid of bulky chairs and some of your other furniture that might take too much space. Just leave the bare minimum so people can alternate between sitting down and standing and mingling. Make sure your TV doesn't take over the party because you want people to converse and get to know each other. The local San Antonio movers remind you to take care of the music and make sure to have a mix for every taste, from 80s hits to latin and top 40. The food can be displayed in a buffet-style so that you can line up all the trays in one corner of the room and people can serve themselves. The local San Antonio moving specialists suggest you serve foods that are easy to eat standing up because some people won't be seated. So stay away from heavy sauces or foods that need serious cutting. Think gourmet chips, crudites, canapes and that sort of food. People will cycle in and out, picking their favorites and having a chance to go for seconds.