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Understanding a Home’s Past

With so many homes on the market and deep discounts compared to a few years ago, buyers are constantly on the lookout for deals and bargains. Homeownership is attractive again as well as investment properties. Many people rather buy an older home, filled with charm, personality, larger rooms, more overall space and square footage and history. The problem with some of the old homes is the problems that come with it. These can equate to many repairs and frustrations.

If you’re looking to buy an older home, one thing to verify is its foundation. When you’re shopping around and visiting homes, check the basements. Look for cracks or shifting. Look for mold as well because that can be a sign of foundation problems. It’s a good idea to get a home inspection to make sure the foundation of your dream home is solid.

The electrical wiring of the house can be a major deal as well. Many of the old homes have their original wiring that has not been updated. The basement is again a great place to examine closely. If you think it needs updating, consider the cost of it. It can really add up and put a dent in your budget.

The plumbing is another biggie. Look for cast iron pipes because you might have to replace them due to mineral buildup, corrosion or leaks. Turn on the faucets, examine how the water runs, verify the pressure, make sure you really know its status. The more you know, the better you can assess whether this buying and older home idea is for you or not.

What about heating? Old radiators definitely have their charm, but they are an expensive way to heat up a home. Discover the amount of fuel you’ll need to keep it warm inside every room in the house. If the home has central heating, verify the furnace.

The roof is next on your checklist. This can be the most expensive replacement repair you make if you have to. Look for leaks and have an inspector really examine it.

An older home does have its perks though…it’s more likely to have beautiful trims, old wood floors, moldings and even fireplaces. You just have to make sure it is in good condition and that you’re able to absorb the cost of any repairs you’ll have to make it to be a livable space.

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