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Why You Should Not Hire Your Friends As Movers

Remember when you were in college and could “hire” your friends to help you move your stuff and later pay them with pizza?  It probably worked out great at the time because 1) you did not have anything of value for them to break, 2) if your old futon did break it was probably a positive, and 3) your friends likely did not have much better to do given that lunch was provided.  Once you have grown up and acquired some nicer stuff, it is best to leave all moving to the professionals.  Even if you are moving only 25 miles away from your home outside of San Antonio, TX, you will be thankful for calling expert San Antonio movers.  

Professional movers know that if you break it you buy it, whereas your friends might repayment for a broken lamp, plate, new flat screen HD TV, etc. totally up for debate.  Plus, professional movers move stuff all the time, so you are less apt to hear complaining about why you are moving to a new place with too many stairs, why you had to buy such a heavy table five years ago, why you have so much stuff, and finally why did you not hire professional movers in the first place.  While the concept of employing movers to be paid in snacks sounds great, you could end up owing a lot more than you would like to.  You could have to pay to repair broken light fixtures or damaged drywall thanks to the “help.”  There can also be issues as to who gets to do what, and at the end of the day everyone is apt to get upset.  Who will all fingers point at?  You.  Friends do not make friends feel obligated to help them move. 

In the end, hiring professional San Antonio Movers would be better.  Whereas you do have to pay them, you are taking many fewer financial risks.  Your television will not be broken.  Your new walls will not have holes in them.  And your friend who claims to have driven semi-trucks a decade ago will not take off the bumper of a parked car with a rented truck for do-it-yourself movers and then demand that you pay for the damages.  Plus, you do not need to worry about a professional moving company giving you the cold shoulder.  Any reputable moving company will get your stuff, load it into their truck, drive to the specified location, and bring all of your things into your new place without breaking or damaging anything.  There will also likely be little to no complaining involved.  Plus, you won’t be the bad guy.

Growing up sometimes involves spending a little extra money on movers and gym memberships alike.  Whereas your friends now can probably help recommend a good daycare, place to buy shoes, and great movers in San Antonio, they are less likely to make even adequate pro bono movers.  Let your friends come over to your new place to celebrate.  They can watch your oversized TV while eating snacks.  It is a much better idea than having them try to move your oversized TV for the promise of snacks.