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4 Questions that Can Help You Find the Ideal San Antonio School for Your Child

Every parent wants their children to get the best education possible, regardless of circumstance. If your child is currently receiving an amazing curriculum but you are moving out of the city or out of the state and relocating to San Antonio, you may have no idea which San Antonio is perfect for your child.

All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving families in and out of San Antonio for over 20 years and during that time we have learned the top questions that parents should ask when touring and interviewing potential San Antonio schools for their children.

  1. Student/Teacher population/ratio – It is important to ask (most likely a guidance counselor will be taking you on a tour) how many students go to the school and how many teachers there are. The second part of this question is to ask how large the classrooms are in terms of student/teacher ratio – so you can see how intimate the classroom setting will be for your child and if they will be able to get the attention that they need to strive.

  2. Extracurricular activities/facilities – Ask what additional activities and facilities the school has to offer your child. This is specifically more important if your child is moving to San Antonio and perhaps used to be in theater or track at their old school and would like to continue it in their new school. Does the school have a nice theater and stage, as well as community engagement? Does the school have a football field and track, even tennis courts on campus? You will also want to make sure that the school has a great library that is constantly ordering new books. When asking about new books, be sure to ask whether their students receive updated textbooks each year as they are published, or if they are still using outdated versions. In the age of technology, you should also tour the school’s computer labs and ask how much time they are getting on learning and utilizing computer skills, as well as their access to technology on campus.

  3. Parent copies of curriculum and learning objectives – If you are moving to San Antonio during the middle of the school year, will your child be able to adjust into the curriculum well? Is the curriculum well-rounded? What additional courses does the school offer? What does that particular San Antonio school offer that others don’t and that would be a benefit to your child’s success and future? Are there any online classes, virtual classrooms?

  4. Is the curriculum too easy, moderate, or difficult? – Request a list of the textbooks your child’s grade would be learning and research them for yourself. See if the curriculum is too easy, moderate, or more advanced, and then decide how your child will succeed or be hindered by that school. You will also want to ask whether or not the school structures the curriculum around any core exams like state exams.

Finding the perfect San Antonio school for your child can be an easy task with the help and advice from your local San Antonio movers at All My Sons!