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House Plants to Help You Breathe

The air around us is not always the cleanest, even if you don't live in a highly polluted area. Even at home, the air you breathe can be contaminated by chemicals from the building materials, air fresheners and furniture. The local San Antonio movers learned that you can help remove some of these toxic chemicals like formaldehyde just by having certain plants around the house that give off oxygen. Some of the chemicals truly hinder our health and can cause respiratory problems. Having plants around your home can be even more important if you have asthma.

The local San Antonio moving specialists found out English Ivy helps clear out formaldehyde. This climbing vine is available in various colors and shapes. It's native to most of Europe and Western Asia. It can grow 20-30 m high in suitable surfaces such as a tree or wall. You can display the plant in many different ways around the house, from hanging baskets, low planters or even grow it as a topiary. If you choose to decorate your home with an English Ivy plant, don't forget to regularly mist it with water.

A bamboo Palm is also great to have around. It provides you with cleaner air and doesn't require a lot of maintenance, just place it in front of direct sunlight for a few hours a day. As far as watering this cleaner air plant, always allow the top third of the soil to dry before watering and never allow it to sit in water. This plant is native of Mexico and Central America. It can reach a height of 5-7 ft and does well in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees.

The local San Antonio movers learned the Peace Lily is perfect for getting rid of toxins such as acetone, benzene, alcohols and ammonia. It's native to the tropical regions of the Americas and Southeastern Asia. It lives best in the shade and doesn't need a lot of sunlight. You don't have to water it more than once a week. To keep it insect-free, you can wash the leaves from time to time.

The Lady Palm clears ammonia out of the air. It's highly resistant to insects and is really easy to take care of. This plant is shrubby with fan-shaped and dense leaves.

For cleaner air, the All My Sons of San Antonio movers recommend you purchase a plant or two and decorate your home. If you really live in a polluted part of town, moving out might be an alternative. The local San Antonio movers can help you with professional moving services at an affordable price. You'll be in the hands of reliable movers that are part of the All My Sons Moving and Storage network who are backed by generations of expert movers. All My Sons of San Antonio will quilt pad wrap your furniture and take care of every small moving detail. For a hassle-free residential move, call the San Antonio movers.