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Home Saunas

Everybody loves a nice big swimming pool, but not everybody can afford it. There's a new hot trend developing when it comes to home-improvements. People are making room in their basements even in their storage sheds all for saunas. That's right, the new hot trend is having your own sauna. Why are saunas becoming so popular? The reason is because of their low cost and low maintenance.

According to MSN.com, sales of saunas in 2010 were up 40% from the previous year. It seems like the sales are going up 6% each year. It's no surprise that the sales of saunas are climbing. They're much easier to install than other spa-like products. The way they work is quite simple. The heat comes from stones that are placed inside and on top of an electric heater. There are some saunas that use traditional wood-burning stoves. Basically with these you don't need any electric heating, you simply need some firewood. Saunas are built from wood which can sustain high heat and humidity. In the USA, cedar is the popular choice for building these saunas. Not only is cedar very durable and strong, but when heated they omit a nice and pleasant odor. If you like to add more humidity to your sauna, simply add water on the rocks, no need for more than that.

Another reason saunas are gaining so much popularity is the health concerns regarding hot tubs. Based on a Texas A&M University that tested the water in a few whirlpools in hotels, they found that all had some kind of microbial growth like fungi or staphylococcus. The reason why these tubs get infected is due to the water in the pipes which get blocked and accumulate bacteria. Then, when the jets are activated, they spread the bacteria all around the tub. The bacteria can easily enter the body through one's mouth or even an open cut.

Saunas have been around for thousands of years and are very popular in the Finish culture according to MSN.com. If you're thinking of a home-improvement project, then a sauna might be the way to go. They're very relaxing, great for the skin, low maintenance and affordable.

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