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Grilling Even Without A Big Back Yard

Summer is fast approaching and tis the season to be grilling. There’s nothing more perfect than barbecued chicken, a juicy hamburger with grill marks or even grilled fresh vegetables on a skewer. But if you don’t own your own home with a big yard, or if you live in a condominium complex where the association doesn’t allow you to place a traditional barbecue on your balcony, you might thing you’re out of the luck for the summer. But don’t worry, you can still grill thanks to a few great ideas for those who a yard-less. RentedSpaces shares with us some of their prime grilling products.

All My Sons of San Antonio movers learnt that there are options with cost-effective ways to grill your food and have a wonderful barbecue dinner. Some options are portable and some caould even be used indoors like the famous George Foreman.

There’s the Swedish-designed tabletop grill which looks a little like a fondue set that you can take out for special occasions and just place in the middle of the dining table. It’s essentially a 10-inch bucket that you can fill with charcoal and place the grill rack on top of it and the meat on top of that. The only disadvantage is that you can’t cook a lot of food at the same time because it’s small. So it’s perfect for dinner for two, not so perfect when you have the entire family over for dinner or celebrating a special occasion and there’s a lot of grilling to do.

There’ the indoor and outdoor electric grill that stands on a pedestal and doesn’t take up too much room. So it works well even if you’re renting a one-bedroom apartment. You can adjust the temperature on it and even has a tray that collects the extra grease.

There’s one grill called the patio caddle which emits 1650-watt power that can apparently cook just as well as the gas-powered counterpart.

You can even have a wall mounted Sigmafocus grill which is great if you don’t have a lot of space on your balcony. It’s stainless steel and flips open so you can sizzle your food. It’s fueled by charcoal or wood and doesn’t have to be clean every time you use it. The best part, according to the local San Antonio movers, is that because the steel part sticks to the wall, it also protects it from the smoke and heat.