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Housewarming Gifts for Friends Who Are Neat Freaks

Everyone has that one friend that has an annoyingly spotless home, with zero clutter and everything perfectly in its place. This friend also consistently proves themselves to be the most difficult friend to get a gift for because secretly you know that whatever you give them will swiftly make its way onto the All My Sons Moving & Storage truck going straight to the donation center. Alas, behold the "gifts for friends" guide you wished we created earlier.

  1. Food. Who doesn’t love food? No one. Everyone loves food. That, and what could be a more useful housewarming gift than something we need to live? What’s even better is that it eventually goes away, so it will leave your tidy friend’s home just how it was found! Baked goods, candy, wine, or cheese all make the cut as consistently safe housewarming gifts to give your picky friend, that won’t go unappreciated.
  2. Gift Certificates. Have an even pickier friend who is also a picky eater? Give them the housewarming gift of the food of their choice. Giving someone a night out at one of their favorite restaurants while they are in the middle of moving to San Antonio can never steer you wrong. If you are really lucky, hopefully they will use the gift card to bring you as their guest. 
  3. Flowers. One beautiful bouquet of flowers will instantly bring to life any home with sparse decorations and still keep that clean feeling that your organized friend loves. Since flowers do not live too long, your super clean friend will have to throw them away. Voila! No clutter guaranteed.
  4. Charity Donation. This gift allows you to completely dodge any possibility of having a gift go unwanted, while simultaneously doing a good deed on behalf of another. It also shows that you pay attention to what your friend actually cares about. Simply ask your friend which local San Antonio charity is their favorite and make a donation in their behalf, print a ticket or receipt if possible. 
  5. Netflix. Again, another clutter-less housewarming gift that keeps on giving. Giving the gift of a Netflix subscription guarantees hours upon hours of entertainment, as well as no wrapping paper for your friend to have to clean up off the floor. 
  6. Experience. Who needs more things anyways? Giving someone the housewarming gift of a new experience in their new town, like a cooking or fitness class, will make your gift stand out from the rest. Not only that, your friend will now have a new skill to add to their life resume and possibly a new favorite hobby...all thanks to you!
  7. Travel. If you really want to blow your neat freak friend away with your super power of excellent gift-giving, then paying for a trip will do just that. It could be anywhere from a night out, to a local destination, or a longer trip to a country that they have never been to before. 

Now that you settled the yearly debacle of what to give your friend that hates excess, try your best to not keep all these great housewarming gifts to yourself. Your San Antonio movers know how hard it will be to fight the urge to eat candy and cheese while watching Netflix, and drinking wine in your all expenses paid hotel room, but share these awesome gift ideas with your friends and they will be sure to thank you!