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Saving Some Energy

The economy is tough no doubt about it. We're all cutting corners in order to save some money. There's a lot you can do to save money, such as using coupons when grocery shopping or even not going out as much. Many people don't realize how much energy consumption they use in their homes. Does your home use tons of energy or are you conscious about how much of it you use? Chances are you're not even sure if you're energy efficient.

There are many that have switched to fluorescent light bulbs and have turned down the heating in order to save some energy. That's great and will save you some money, but there's more you can do. The San Antonio movers, your local San Antonio moving company, suggests the following tips that will reduce your energy consumption and thus save you money.

Try monitoring your energy consumption. There are many energy-monitoring devices you can buy such as the Kill-A-Watt. This device monitors the energy consumption you use in your home. You might be surprised as to how much energy you actually use. Some people keep an extra refrigerator in the garage or basement to store food. Some have the fridge running but aren't even using it! With the Kill-A-Watt, you might come to realize that this fridge is costing you $20-$25 a month! It may be time to donate or sell it and save yourself some money at the same time.

How about a roommate? According to MSN.com, a study by SMR Research has found that those living alone use more energy than those living with a roommate. People who live alone use 18.4% more energy than those who live with someone. Find a roommate you'll have company and save money too.

Compost. You should compost your food, it makes more of a difference than you would think.

Dryer. Many are using the old fashion way to dry their clothes and that's with a clothesline. A dryer can cost you up to $20 a month on your electric bill. Not only does using a clothesline save you money but it won't shrink your clothes either. It's a win-win.

Switch off lights. If you're not in the room, than switch off the lights that are on for no reason. This too will save you money at the end of the month.

Whether you're trying to save some money in your home or thinking of moving to a more energy efficient home if it's in the San Antonio area, make sure to call the San Antonio movers to help you with your move. Our expert San Antonio moving company is licensed and insured and backed by four generations of moving experience! Our expert movers will do all the heavy lifting for you and place everything where you'd like it. Call All My Sons Moving And Storage Of San Antonio today to experience a pleasant and easy move.