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Easy Upgrades for Your New Home

If you have recently purchased an older home with lots of charm, don’t be too surprised to find that it may also come with lots of necessary repairs and updates. As beautiful, detailed and inviting as older homes are, they also tend to come with some peculiarities that might need a little updating. After your San Antonio movers have finished their work, here are a few little working projects that you can do to update your new home.

First Impressions Matter

The porch and the front door are the first thing that visitors and new neighbors spot, so it’s important to keep them looking nice. Invest in a new front door if your old one has damage or needs major repairs. If there are minor scratches that can be easily covered or if the door is just plan blah, then consider a fun new paint color to liven it up. A new layer of paint on the door in a trendy color can dramatically change the whole look of your home and instantly enhance the curb appeal.

Besides sprucing up the front door, there are several other small projects you can do to update the exterior of your house. Add a fresh layer of paint to the trim, especially if it is chipping away. Or replace the house numbers and update the exterior lighting fixtures. There are so many options of ways to enhance the outside look of your home and help make a great first impression.

Update the Cabinetry

In a lot of older homes, the cabinetry could definitely use a facelift. If the kitchen and bathroom cabinets are worn and damaged, and not worth trying to salvage, it might be worth talking to several different cabinet makers for an estimate.  Fully replacing the cabinets isn’t the cheapest option, but it can provide an instant update to the home.

If the cabinets are salvageable, then consider refinishing them yourself. You can stain them, or add a layer of paint. It is a time-consuming project, but will be worth it in the end. It makes the kitchen look brand new and can instantly add some value to your new home.

Illuminate the Space

A new statement-piece lighting fixture over the kitchen table can instantly add a bright new look to an older space. Consider large drum lights that can be covered in fabric to match your décor. Think about installing a dimmer switch in the dining and living rooms of the house to make the lighting options a little more versatile.

If all else fails, just add a little spray paint to the current lighting fixtures in the house. An old chandelier can turn new again with a fresh coat of paint. You might also want to change out the blades on older ceiling fans to give them an updated look and illuminated look.

It can be both satisfying and fun to make an old home new again by adding a fresh perspective.       Think of paint, used both indoors and out, as your main line of defense. As soon as your San Antonio movers have carefully laid the last box in your living room, it’s time to pull out the paint cans and let the projects begin.