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Easter for Your Kids in San Antonio

Looking for ways to make Easter special for your kids in your new San Antonio home? Good, because your San Antonio packing and moving company knows of a few easy crafts, treats, and surprises that will have your little ones looking forward to the Easter Bunny each year!

  • Make a magic jelly bean garden right in your yard. This is a great little twist to add to a traditional Easter egg hunt. The night before Easter, plant “magic jelly beans” with your kiddies. You can plant them in a little patch of dirt, or even in a flower pot. Tell your kids the magic beans will grow once the Easter Bunny comes to town. While they are asleep, replace the jelly beans with little lollypops. Dum Dums work well since they are all different colors. Your little ones will be amazed that the jelly beans grew, and the surprise is a great way to kick off an Easter egg hunt!
  • An arts and crafts project is a great way to get the kids excited about Easter. Make a boo-boo bunny, which is both functional and festive. These little bunnies are made out of a wash cloth and hold ice or ice packs for when your littles ones get a boo-boo. You will need to tightly roll a washcloth, fold it in to a “U” shape, and tie it at the bottom with a rubber band to create two floppy ears. Then, hot glue google eyes and a pink pom-pom for a nose. Once dry, you can stick ice or ice packs between the tied section for when your kids skin their knee or bump their head.
  • If you are doing a traditional egg hunt or Easter basket, fill them with things other than candy and junk food. For Easter eggs: try stickers, keychains, bouncy balls, small action figures, play jewelry, yo-yos, jacks, marbles, and mini race cars; which are all fun items to hide in eggs. For Easter baskets: fill them with books, playing cards, action figures and dolls, Lego sets, crayons and other coloring tools, and outdoors toys; like: jump ropes and beach toys.
  • For a sweet Easter treat, try making something fun with the kids! You can jazz up cupcakes to make them look like little chicks. Frost cupcakes with white or yellow icing, then have your kids dunk them into yellow sanding sugar. Use little chocolate chips for eyes, and help your kiddies draw on a beak and little feet with orange icing. For breakfast, you can make a festive dish with scrambled eggs and bacon. Shape the eggs into a head, and add two strips of bacon for ears. Use fruit for the eyes and nose, and shreds of cheddar cheese for the whiskers. And voila! You have a breakfast bunny!

Easter is a great holiday to get creative with your kids! Whether it is your first Easter in town or you have lived here for years, your San Antonio relocation specialists hopes you and your family have a happy Easter!