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Home Improvement Under $500

You may not have the luxury of moving out to bigger and better, but that doesn't mean you can't improve your home for very little effort and budget. Do it yourself projects or hiring professionals to take care of it doesn't mean you have to break the bank. Don't assume projects take a long time or that they'll cost you several thousands of dollars. The local San Antonio movers suggest you look into renovations, upgrades and other types of beautifying projects that will really make your home comfortable for you and your family. Take for example cleaning services. Sure these can be the call the housecleaner type but there are so many more items around the house to be cleaned, especially during spring cleaning. Think about your chimney or fireplace if you have one. What about window cleaning? That can really brighten up your space, making your home look bigger. If you have carpet, giving it a good old scrub with a carpet cleaning machine will make your home look cleaner and more new.

Home repairs can be another project you take on, staying within the $500 budget. Think of your AC repairs or heating. If these aren't running at their best, you're probably paying a higher price for your utilities. The local San Antonio moving specialists recommends taking a close look at your faucets and fixtures. By changing just a few, you can give your home a new look not to mention get rid of leaks. If you have plenty of little projects around the house from switching doorknobs to lightbulbs and shower heads, you can hire a handyman for less than $500 and have someone do it all.

To enhance some of the areas around the house, such as the living room for example, think about installing a TV wall mount. Your living room will instantly look more modern and even allow you to free up some space. You can do it yourself or call a home theater company to install it for you. They'll make sure to conceal the wiring, making everything look uncluttered. The All My Sons of San Antonio suggest adding ceiling fans to your bedroom. This will add visual interest making the space look more decorative and also help you save on your energy bills around the summertime.