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DIY Halloween Decor for Your San Antonio Home

Halloween is perhaps the most exciting holiday of the year because it means that fall is finally in full effect and times spent with family and friends will continue throughout the coming months. However, San Antonio movers know that if you have recently moved into the area, you may be tight on finances to really decorate your new home for the holidays. Luckily, there are many DIY Halloween décor projects at your fingertips, and All My Sons Moving & Storage can share them with you.

Pumpkins. Pumpkins are the easiest and cheapest DIY Halloween décor items out there. Local San Antonio pumpkin patches sell pumpkins for as little as $1, and all you need is a carving knife if you are really on a decorating budget. Other pumpkin DIY decorating tips are to spray paint them black, white, or gold and make them look like fancier Halloween pumpkins to display in your home. Another unique pumpkin DIY project is by simply pushing different colored pushpins into all areas of your pumpkin – for a colorful piece of décor. You can create almost anything you want out of a pumpkin with just some simple paint. Paint them, dip them in glitter, sequence, doilies – you name it!

Harry Potter’s floating candles. San Antonio movers know that this is one of the coolest DIY Halloween décor projects for your home. You can find the complete tutorial via Harry Potter Party Ideas, but the basics are to cover a hallway ceiling with a black sheet or canvas that you have spray painted a starry night sky on, then paint toilet paper and paper towel rolls white. After that, drip hot glue from a hot glue gun on them to look like dripping wax. Hang them from the ceiling with LED lights and it will look like candles are floating from the ceiling of your home.

Spiderwebs. Spiderwebs are one of the easiest and most traditional DIY Halloween home décor projects out there that you probably already know how to do. Chances are, you just forgot how cheap and easy it is to do! Create spiderwebs on trees, your front door, and windows by using yarn. Or, you can purchase the white stretch spider webs online or from a local Halloween party store. Of course, you will have to purchase some black spiders from a dollar store to complete the look.

Tombstones. Make funny or scary tombstones for your front yard by using reinforced cardboard and spray paint. This is a fun activity that your kids will love to help you with – a perfect way to get your kids excited about their new home after moving to San Antonio.

With your new home completely decked out in DIY Halloween décor complete with pumpkins, candles, spiderwebs, and tombstones, you can feel great knowing that your house looks haunted and you barely had to spend any money after your big move to San Antonio.