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Creating a Backyard Oasis

If you have moved into a bigger home in San Antonio, chances are, you have a pretty decent-sized backyard. This is great for a family with kids, because everyone loves a big space to run around in. But if you want to create a little outdoor oasis for your family, your San Antonio packing and moving specialists have some ideas up our sleeve to bring that dream to life! Whether you are looking to create a play area, a garden, or somewhere to chow down, we have you covered.

A place to play. There are tons of activities that your kids play outside that just would not work indoors. A sandbox is the perfect example. A simple sandbox (either store-bought or built) can offer hours of fun. Children can build sandcastles, bury each other, or have a beach adventure with their favorite figurines. Make sure to buy a cover to protect the sand from the rain and outdoor critters. A swing is another great idea that kids love. You can buy a swing set or make one with some wood and sturdy rope and hang it from a tree. You can also make a swing kids stand on, made from an old skateboard. They will love it! Lawn games are another fun activity for the backyard. Horseshoes, badminton and lawn darts are fun games the whole family can enjoy together. And sprinklers are always a hit with kids. Sprinklers and a tarp can give kids some of the best summer memories. Just make sure to clear the area of tiny rocks to avoid tears!

If you are looking to create a place for your kids to hang out, a treehouse may not be out of the question. It does not have to be an elaborate structure that takes an expert carpenter. You can build a platform treehouse that is just a simple wooden platform that circles around a tree’s trunk, maybe three or four feet off the ground. All it really takes is a power drill, some nails, a saw, and wooden boards. You will also need to build little wooden steps so that your kids can climb up. But once complete, it is really neat! If that is still a bit too involved for you, try a hammock. It is the perfect place for your kids to lounge around on a sunny day and enjoy the outdoors.

Where the flowers bloom. Nothing makes a backyard more beautiful than a garden. You can plant flowers and plants along the perimeter of your backyard, or you can create a small little area for your children to tend to. Fence off a small area with durable flowers, and tell your kids it is their responsibility to keep them watered. They will be so happy once they bloom!

Chow down outdoors. There is something special about a family barbecue, especially when it is right in your own backyard! Create a place for your family to have some summer dinners together. You will definitely need a grill to get the party started. You will also need a place to eat. Once you have a table, you can get creative with seating. If you have old metal chairs, spray paint them in a variety of colors to create a welcoming and fun atmosphere. You can also make any cushioning or pillows you have waterproof, with a little fabric waterproofing spray.

Now that you are all moved in to your new home, your San Antonio moving company knows you are excited to start on your backyard. There are so many possibilities, and there is a chance to make everyone in your family happy, so be creative and the results will be beautiful!