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Completing an Office Move with San Antonio Movers

Whether your company is expanding to San Antonio, or your lease is up and you have decided to relocate your office to San Antonio, local moving companies want to make sure that you have the best possible help in order for your transition to run smoothly. Completing an office move with San Antonio movers is your best bet for making sure that your inventory remains intact, not spoiled, and leaves you with very little operational downtime.

All My Sons Moving & Storage San Antonio has been completing office moves to and from the area for over 25 years. During that time, our office movers have built and maintained a relationship with local small businesses and large corporations. As of late, business has been booming in San Antonio and nearby Austin, so there is no better time to move your office to San Antonio as now!

If you will be needing assistance moving, our office movers have 3 steps for relocating your office:

1. Create a Timeline: Creating a detailed timeline and list of things to do is the best thing that you can do for your office move. Creating a timeline for when individual items need to be completed will keep your office move efficient and keep your employees on task and in-the-know. In order to complete this task, you will need to evaluate your current office and figure out all items that need to be moved and when. Make sure that you allocate a budget and figure out if full-service office movers in San Antonio can fit within that budget.  A full-service office mover can help take a lot of pressure off of relocating your office, allowing you to focus on your employees and business operations. Typically, even if you are a small business, your timeline should start 4-6 months before your moving date. Make sure that your moving timeline includes switching over utilities, internet, phone service, obtaining the proper permits if necessary, licenses and insurance policies.

2. Designate Where Possible: Allow your employees to be a part of the moving process. Give everyone one task that they can complete in order to contribute to the move and make the process easier overall.

3. Update Vendors: At least three months before your office makes its move to San Antonio, make sure that your clients and vendors are well aware, so that they can make adjustments to your shipping and billing address. Also, if you have any signs, letterheads, advertisements, websites, and online marketing campaigns, make sure that the address gets updated on everything!

If you have planned all of the aforementioned items well, the day of your office move should be easy and stress-free!