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Avoid Buying a Home Money Pit

You're in the market for a new home but you want to avoid purchasing a lemon. That's right, houses can be lemons too it's not only cars. You may love the house from the outside, it looks great, you can afford the mortgage, the neighborhood is exactly what you're looking for and your agent thinks it's a great deal. But this is simply from looking at it, this house might be exactly what you're looking for, but it can also be a money pit. The San Antonio movers, your local San Antonio moving company, want to share a few tips on how to avoid buying a money pit.

According to Brian Kearney, a Boston-area contractor and owner of Neponset Valley Construction, new homebuyers who focus only on superficial design features often miss critical warning signs that a house may be a money pit. So where should you look? According to MSN.com, the basement is very important. If the house you're about to make an offer on has a basement, make sure that this is your first stop of the tour. The basement will give you a clear indication of the heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. By looking at those they can give you a good idea of the age of the equipment and if it's been well maintained.

Foundation, now you know this one's important. A home's foundation plays an important role in keeping the structure sound. "The biggest problems in a house typically arise as a result of poor stability in the structure or foundation," says Tyson Kunz, contractor and owner of TTK Home in Tomball, Texas. How do you check a foundation? Look at the proximity and size of the trees next to the house. If the trees seem to be big then their roots might be a problem for the foundation in years to come.

Water damage also can be a major problem for a home. It's probably the fastest way to rack up repair bills. Look at both the bathroom and kitchen because they're obvious locations for possible water damage. When you're visiting a home, it might be a good idea to also visit when the weather is a little rougher. It's not the most practical time to visit a house but the weather can give you good indications if the house has been well maintained. Also don't be shy and ask the neighbors about their opinion on the condition of the house that you're about to buy. They might have some valuable information for you.

After checking all of that you can confidently make an offer and buy your dream home and when you do, make sure to call the local San Antonio moving specialists to help with your move.