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Essential Tips for Building a New Home

If you have spent months looking through the available real estate on the market and are disappointed with your lack of options, then it might be time to consider building your own home. Before you start packing and call the San Antonio movers, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind. Building a home can bring a lot of satisfaction and happiness, but a lot of homebuilders realize some regrets once it’s already too late. Here are a few essential tips to remember when building your dream house.

The Insulation

This can be easily overlooked in the building process, but is one of the most important aspects to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Make sure you have a professional do a thorough inspection on the insulation job before it gets covered by walls. It’s easier and cheaper to repair insulation errors before the drywall is in place and it’s too late.

Plenty of Storage

When working on your homebuilding plans, or the blueprints, keep an eye out for spaces that are wasted. Under stairways, in between bedrooms and in high-ceilinged closets there is always a little extra space to fit a small storage area. The kitchen in particular needs ample storage to fit all the small appliances like toasters, coffee machines, stand mixers and food processors. You would hate to have to leave all these items out on the counter because you didn’t factor in enough cabinet or pantry space.

The Outside Electricity

To most homebuilders, the outside electricity is minor compared to the inside. But it shouldn’t be an afterthought. When Christmas rolls around and there aren’t enough outlets to plug the house lights in, it will be a real problem. Outdoor electricity also comes in handy when you are entertaining outdoors and want to hang lights or plug in fans or heaters. Add plenty of outlets outside to ensure you won’t be the neighborhood eyesore with long extension cords strewn throughout the yard.

Bathroom Locations

It’s nice to have quick and easy access to a bathroom from most any location in the house. It’s also nice to have immediate access to the bathroom when you are gardening in the backyard. Consider adding a small half bath near the back door so that kids, guests and even you will have easy access without having to tromp dirt and mud all throughout the house. Adding a half bath can be as little as a few thousand dollars when you’re planning the house, but when you try to add one in later the cost is significantly greater.

There are so many things to think about when you’re building a home that it can be easy to overlook even essential items like extra storage. Talk to friends and family members who have built a house before, and make sure you do a lot of research before the plans are finalized. A little extra money up front to get exactly what you want will save you tons in the long run. Once you have a better idea of what you are doing, go ahead and book those San Antonio movers and get ready to settle down in your new dream home.