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Best South San Antonio Neighborhoods for Trick or Treating

Best Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating in San Antonio

Halloween is coming up and that means your kids will want to have fun dressing up as their favorite Marvel superheroes or frightening monsters. The fun doesn’t end there, because there’s still trick-or-treating. That beloved tradition of walking door to door, neighbor-to-neighbor, and saying to anyone who’ll listen – “Trick-or-Treat! Give us something good to eat!” The “something good to eat” obviously being teeth-rotting candy. Halloween is a time to let your kids indulge and to ensure they have the most fun, so choose one of the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in San Antonio to carry out your candy-hunting family adventure.

What Makes a Neighborhood Great for Trick-or-Treaters?

When it comes to trick-or-treating, not all neighborhoods are created equal. While going to door-to-door begging for candy in your own neighborhood might seem the most convenient, it not always the right choice. Some neighborhoods might be too close to heavy traffic, while some communities may not be as open to trick-or-treating. If you are looking for an alternative candy hunting spot, here are the characteristics shared by the best neighborhoods to go trick-or-treating in San Antonio.

Density of Houses

The more houses a neighborhood has, the less walking your family has to do, and the better your overall trick-or-treating experience will be. If you kids are able to get to more houses in a shorter amount of time, the more candy they’ll have without getting blisters on their feet or tiring themselves out. That’s why it’s best to look for neighborhoods with higher housing density.

Safe for Kids

When children are involved in any type of activity, safety is usually the top priority for parents. Trick-or-treating is no different. A bunch of kids walking across streets and throughout neighborhoods in the nighttime hours comes with some risks even when adults are supervising. To decrease the chances of any potential mishaps or accidents, find a neighborhood with low traffic, well-lit streets, wide sidewalks, and plenty of other children and families you can group up with.

Creative Decorations

A neighborhood that embraces the Halloween sprit will have more residents with lit Jack-O-Lanterns on their doorsteps, willing to give out candy. Those residents will also be more likely to decorate their homes with spooky and colorful Halloween decorations. From cobwebs hanging in trees and scarecrows stuffed with straw to front yard graveyards and animatronic zombies sure to give your whole family a fright. Unique décor and chilling ambience creates a more memorable experience for kids.

Candy, Candy, & More Candy!

Last but definitely not least, choose a neighborhood that is likely to have more candy to offer. While leaning a bit on stereotypes, residents of higher income neighborhoods are typically more capable of splurging on candy for Halloween. When scouting the best neighborhoods for trick-or-treating in San Antonio, check out higher income neighborhoods or neighborhoods with a high median home value. In the end, the bigger the candy haul, the happier your kids will be!

Best Neighborhoods to Go Trick-or-Treating in San Antonio

  • King William
  • Shady Oaks
  • Walker Ranch
  • Alamo Heights
  • The Vineyard


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