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Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio for Families

The State of Texas is a beautiful place to raise a family. As of late, the cities of San Antonio and Austin have been on the radar for families looking to move into the area. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a seasoned moving company in the state of Texas and services both Austin and San Antonio. With over 25 years of experience completing office and residential moves to San Antonio in particular, our full-service movers know the neighborhoods like the back of their hand.

If you and your family are looking to move to San Antonio, All My Sons recommends the following neighborhoods in San Antonio for families who are looking to get the most out of the Texas lifestyle!

Alamo Heights. Alamo Heights is not just a neighborhood, it is technically an incorporated city that is surrounded by San Antonio. Located just five miles north of downtown San Antonio, Alamo Heights offers thousands of families beautiful housing units and a small-town feel. Upon moving to Alamo Heights, you can expect quiet neighborhoods filled with old money, hidden roads, vintage boutiques and high-end shopping. If you and your family are moving to San Antonio and looking for more affordable housing, Alamo Heights is not the neighborhood for you, as most homes cost about half a million dollars.

Stone Oak. Stone Oak is the epitome of suburbs in San Antonio, and is the fastest growing section of the city. Stone Oak offers families attractive public schools and affordable housing for couples with dual-income. Moving to Stone Oak, Texas means cookie-cutter homes, large strip-malls and trendy bars. Stone Oak homes offer more square footage and less yard space, so if you are moving to San Antonio and looking for a large piece of land, Stone Oak is most likely not for you.

King William. Much like Alamo Heights, although King William is one of the best neighborhoods in San Antonio for families, it is not for those who are on a budget. Homes in King William cost an average of $650,000 and are traditional, refurbished bungalows and 1800s homes that have been restored to architectural perfection. For young professionals and families who can afford to live in King William, you can expect days filled with walks, mom-and-pop restaurants, gourmet food, and gourmet drinks.

Mahncke Park. Mahncke Park is known as one of the city’s best kept secret neighborhoods. Located close to Austin as well, Mahncke Park is currently affordable, but may not be for much longer. Homes can be found for under $200,000, but prices are expected to rise to align with popularity. Mahncke Park become well-known when young professionals who could no longer afford King William moved into the area. They fixed up their homes like they did in King William, except Mahncke Park homes feature wraparound porches.

Regardless of whether you are moving to Alamo Heights, Stone Oak, King William, or Mahncke Park, All My Sons of San Antonio can help make your move simple!