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Social Benefits of Homeownership

According to the National Association of Realtors website, not only does the housing sector influence the economy but it also affects individual homeowners socially and financially. Realtor.org says the housing sector directly accounted for about 14% of total economic activity in 2009. Household real estate holding equaled $16.5 trillion in the first four months of this year.

Homeownership also brings substantial social benefits for families, communities and America as a whole. Because of that, policy makers have been promoting buying homes. In fact, it’s the American Dream.
Homeownership also promotes stable housing. If you own, you’re less likely to move than renters and you’ll be more embedded and invested in your neighborhood as well as community. Only 5.2% of homeowners moved from 2008-2009, for renters the number was 30%. People move because they’re either looking for a better home, a better neighborhood or cheaper housing. Some reasons are also work-related such as looking for a new job or a shorter commute. Marital status also affects moving patterns.

Homeownership makes a significant positive impact on educational achievement as well. The decision to stay in school by teenage students is higher for those raised by homeowners instead of renters. There are certain behavioral characteristics that go along with being a homeowner that get passed on. Because being a homeowner means takes a greater sense of responsibility due to all the maintenance and financial needs, these life management skills are passed on as well.

Several researchers according to Realtor.com, have found that homeowners are more involved in their communities and are more politically active than renters. They participate more in elections and are more aware of the political process. There are also health benefits to owning your home the San Antonio movers learnt. Compared to renters, homeowners are healthier. Low-income people who have become homeowners reported higher satisfaction, higher self-esteem and a higher perceived control over their lies. Homeowners enjoy better physical and psychological health.

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