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Tips for Arranging Furniture in Your New Home

Hiring a team of San Antonio movers is one of the best ways to prevent injures and hassle when you’re moving larger furniture items from your old home to your new one. However, although your movers will likely try and put each piece of furniture in the right room, they may or may not be able to arrange it exactly how you want it. Once you’ve got all of your furniture moved into your new home, here are some guidelines you should consider following to come up with the perfect arrangement.

Start Fresh

Just because you had a couch, bed, or table in a certain place in your old home doesn’t mean it has to go in the same spot in your new home. Use this new home as an opportunity to completely redo your furniture for a fresh arrangement. If you’re having a difficult time thinking about which pieces should go where, take an inventory of each piece of furniture you own and make a small outline of your floor plan. Then, try picturing how each piece of furniture will look in different positions.

Create a Focal Point

Every room should have a focal point, or an area where the viewer’s gaze is directed to first when they enter a space. Remember, this can either be a piece of artwork, furniture, or decoration that you want to call attention to. To do this, the first step is identifying which piece you want to be the focal point and then arranging the other furniture around it. For example, if you have a painting you want to display, you should place the couch in front of it so that visitors can see it.

Go With Larger Pieces First

Your San Antonio movers will likely put your larger pieces of furniture in the rooms you want so you don’t have to struggle to move them later. When you are arranging your furniture, base your plan off of what larger pieces you own. For instance, in your living room this would likely be your sofa and in your bedroom it would probably be your bed. Although larger pieces of furniture don’t necessarily have to be your focal point, it is better to arrange them in your rooms first so that you don’t run out of space for additional items later on.

Define Other Areas Using Remaining Furniture

Now that you have identified your focal point and included your large pieces, it is time to include additional furniture and decorations. Make sure that you consider the traffic flow of the room and how they will appear next to your larger pieces of furniture.  To add more definition, try pulling furniture away from the walls or including rugs on the floor. If a smaller piece of furniture does not complement the focal point or larger pieces of furniture in the room, you may want to consider putting it elsewhere.

Although you may feel slightly overwhelmed by finding spots for your furniture in your new home, think of this as an enjoyable way to turn this house into your home. By following these guidelines, you may find that your new home retains an elevated level of aesthetics than your previous one.