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Old Neighborhoods in the U.S.

There are all types of neighborhoods across America, from suburbs to downtown areas to more lucrative regions to just plain old neighborhoods. You can also see a neighborhood’s history just by the changing architectural style throughout the years. For example, on the East Coast of the U.S. many of the neighborhoods date back to the 1600s. Forbes talked to historians as well as museums and checked several building records to compile the oldest neighborhoods in America. All My Sons of San Antonio is passing on the interesting information.

Seattle, Washington’s Pioneer Square makes it on Forbes list. The neighborhood dates back to 1852 and was the first in Seattle. Red and white bricks grace the buildings of Richardson Romanesque style. In the 50s and 60s, the area was in bad shape and it later on became today’s bohemian community filled with coffee houses and restaurants.

The French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana is also a very old neighborhood. Built in the 1700s, before technology made it possible to live above sea level, the French Quarter is on the most solid ground in New Orleans. This neighborhood only has about 3,000 fulltime residents but it’s always filled with tourists visiting the St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson Square and eating those delicious beignets.

The Loop in Chicago was the first area that was settled and in the 1840s it was the center of residential and business communities. Today, the area is filled with high-rise buildings with a view of Lake Michigan.

The San Antonio local movers are proud to say that the King William district in San Antonio, TX, has made it on Forbes’ list of oldest neighborhoods. The area is made up of about 25 blocks, near downtown on the South bank of the San Antonio River. King William was originally a farmland for San Antonio de Valero’s Mission but was later settled by German immigrants (around 1840) and divided into housing blocks. In this neighborhood of San Antonio, you’ll find a wide range of architectural styles from Greek Revival to Victorian to Italiante. When neighborhoods to the north of the area started drawing residents away from King Williams around the 1920s, several of the mansions were turned into apartments, which in turned started negatively affecting the neighborhood. Fast-forward 40 years and young professionals rediscovered the place and today the neighborhood is more eclectic including cottages south of Alamo Street.

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