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Amazing Testimonials For All My Sons San Antonio

I was moving from Boerne to Converse in Texas and was stressing out about finding a moving company. At one point, my husband said he would call up some friends and would do the move himself. Of course, I thought that was a bad idea. He didn’t realize how much stuff we had to move, plus my husband is NOT a professional. I was sure he was going to break my favorite piano. So I got to work about finding a reputable moving company that can tackle the task at hand. I found All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio. I called them up and they said they have experience with moving such heavy stuff. The San Antonio movers were at my place four days later and started loading up their truck. They did a great job, I was truly wowed by their expertise and am delighted that they did the job instead of my loving husband.

This testimonial was by Tina Hamburg, Converse, TX

Moving can stress out the most relaxed of people, even me. Just thinking about having to pack and sort things out and go through all of the stuff I acquired during the last three years was overwhelming. So my friend Bob told me about All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio and said that not only that they were a moving company with a great reputation but they also offered a packing service. So I called up right away and asked for this amazing service. I’m so glad I did, I didn’t have to worry about anything, I could leave all the responsibility to All My Sons. I recommend this moving company to anyone who needs specialist in the moving industry.

Andrew Garfin, San Antonio, TX

My move took place a few weeks ago, I was leaving San Antonio for Seguin. I was also leaving the renting life for the owner life, which I was very proud of. Of course, when I realized moving meant that I also had to pack all of my belongings not to mention my kids’ toys, clothes, books and my husbands things to. It got overwhelming. So I decided to enlist the entire family in packing and tried to make it as fun as possible. We did the packing on weeknights and weekends. Then came the time to hire a professional moving company. I was lucky enough to get a referral from a colleague of mine who promised that All My Sons of San Antonio were the best. So I took her word for it and booked them to come and move my stuff to Seguin. I’m sure happy I hired the All My Sons San Antonio movers. They had tons of experience, were professional and friendly too. I felt comfortable with them because the company they worked for was licensed and insured. They worked diligently and were very careful with my more delicate possessions like mirrors and some of the china I had. I would recommend All My Sons of San Antonio to everyone I know.

Stacey G, Seguin, TX