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Moving With Pets

Although moving can be stressful, All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio is here to help make your move as easy and stress-free as possible.  Moving with pets is something that can be challenging and requires a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that the pets are safe and comfortable.

Here are some things that you can do to prepare your pet for the big moving day:

-Take your pet to the vet.  Make sure that you get your animal examined from a veterinarian a few weeks prior to your move, in order to make sure that they are in good health for traveling.  The veterinarian can also give you some pointers on how to care for your pet during your move. Sometimes, veterinarians will recommend giving a dog or cat some children’s Benadryl to calm them down and to help them sleep.  Talk to your veterinarian and see what they think is best for your pet.

-Make sure that your pet has food and water, at all times.  This may sound like common sense to pet owners, but when you are busy it is easy to forget to keep up with giving your pet enough food and water. If your pet will be traveling in a cage, pet stores sell water bottles that hook on to the side of a cage and containers for food as well.  These cage containers can assuage the worry of spilling during your move.

-Put a blanket, toy, or t-shirt that smells like you with them.  A few weeks prior to your move, sleep with your pet’s favorite toy, blanket, or sleep in the same shirt.  This will allow your scent to be detected on that item so that you can place it in your pet’s cage or carrier during your move, making your pet feel more at ease.

-Remember to take them to the bathroom.  If you are moving with a dog, make sure that you stop to take them for a walk every two to three hours.  Remember that their bladders fill up when they are nervous and it is important that they are able to relieve themselves. If you are moving with a cat, set up the litter box as soon as you can in your new home and let them get a feel for the new environment.

-Research emergency animal hospitals on your route.  You never know when an emergency will occur, that is why it is important to research emergency animal hospitals that will be on your route, before you start traveling to your new home.  Keep your pet’s medical records where they will be readily accessible, in case you have an emergency.

-Continuously check on your pet throughout your move to make sure that they are okay.  If you are moving with children, this is a great way for occupying your child as well; assign them the task of keeping watch on their pets.

Remember that in every move…preparation is key!