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Moving Made Easier Thanks To The San Antonio Movers

The team behind All My Sons Moving and Storage of San Antonio is always trying to update and add new information through these articles we post every month. This section typically relates to general moving tips that can help you make moving an easier task. So, in this article, we’ll talk about how to prepare a moving trip kit along with setting aside a box to help during your first few days. Moving can be stressful enough between the cleaning and packing, without having moving day be a disaster. Of, course, if you’re moving in the San Antonio area, don’t forget to call the All My Sons of San Antonio for to safely move your belongings to your new dream house. We are experts and have countless years of moving experience, for residential and commercial moves.

A moving trip kit will help you during moving day, when the movers are at your place transporting boxes in and out. In the moving trip kit, include all the things you’ll need throughout the day and won’t have access to, like medicine, your wallet with credit cards, snacks for yourself and your kids, favorite toys, food for your pet, water, cell phone and anything else you can think of. Try not to include any jewelry or important documents in this trip kit. You don’t want to risk losing anything precious or sentimental. All My Sons of San Antonio suggests you place these types of items in a safe deposit box at your local bank, probably a branch that’s closer to your new home so you’ll have easy access to it once you move in.

 Also, prepare a box that you can basically live out of for a few days. Chances are you won’t unpack all your boxes as soon as you arrive to your new place, you’ll want to unwind and set up the important things like your bed and the coffee maker. Make sure you have a box filled with items you’ll need the first few days in your new home like toiletries, work clothes, shoes, makeup, lap top, extra dog food, home phone and so on. If you think you’ll need a specific item in the first few days of moving in, then put it in that box. Make sure to label it properly. You’ll have a sea of boxes at your new place, you don’t want to spend looking for this important one.