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6 Decorating Tips to Make A Rental Feel Like Home

Moving in a rental home can be tough because whether it is bare and empty or comes fully furnished, it won’t feel like home. At least in the beginning, until you inevitably get used to your surroundings. Luckily, there are multiple ways you can speed up the process of getting acclimated and comfortable in your new place. Follow these decorating hacks and tips on how to make a rental apartment feel like home.


1. Unpack as Quickly as Possible

Nothing feels less homely than a space cluttered with unpacked boxes. As soon as you arrive at your new apartment, unpack everything as soon as possible. Be sure to place boxes in their designated rooms before emptying them out. If you relocated with the help of our full-service San Antonio residential movers, you can take advantage of their San Antonio packing services, which includes unpacking as well. The faster you put everything in its proper place and get rid of your moving boxes, the faster you can start settling in.


2. Cover Your Walls

Bare or outdated walls are surefire way to make you feel alienated from your new apartment. There are two ways to deal with empty walls. The first is to hang up artwork and décor pieces. Make sure to review your lease agreements or check with your landlord to see if you can put nails or screws in your walls. If not, use removable Command hooks or just prop up large mirrors and framed art against your walls. If your walls are covered in a particularly ugly color or wallpaper, applying removable wallpaper is the other method you can use.


3. Change Light Fixtures

Another relatively easy fix is to switch out all the light fixtures in your rental apartment to ones that match you tastes better. Most rental properties have standard light fixtures which doesn’t leave much room for character. Bring in floor lamps if you want to bring in even more light.


4. Use Area Rugs

Are you stuck with outdated carpet or worn out tile on your floors? Laying down large area rugs is a great way to distract from that. Also buy an accompanying carpet pad to ensure the rug stays in place. For particularly unappealing carpet, you can cover it with plywood sheets and then laminate wood flooring. Just make sure to ask your landlord first.


5. Dress Your Windows

Another quick way to make a rental apartment feel like home is install curtains or blinds to cover your windows. Not only will it give you privacy, but it will make your rental home more filled out and elevate the space. Updating drab curtains and blinds is a small change that makes a big difference.


6. Set Up House Plants

When it comes to making your rental feel like home, having a green thumb (even an amateur one) is a great advantage. Houseplants are an easy way to bring your space to life, literally. Not only do they serve as décor and help freshen the air, studies have shown potted plants help lower blood pressure, increase productivity, decrease anxiety levels, and improve perceptions of your space.1


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