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2018 Hacks for Moving Back to College

Move Back to College like an A-Student with some Tutoring from Our San Antonio Movers.

Moving back to college isn’t rocket science, even though one of your classes might be. From bedding to those fuzzy slippers that you just had to have, the list of items you will bring to your college dorm is endless and filled with some things you might not even touch all year.

Whether you’re making your move to San Antonio for Texas A&M or for the University of Texas, here are the best 2018 college hacks from your San Antonio movers to make moving back to college a breeze.

Pack & Label Bins Beforehand

Bins will be your best friends. They’re easily portable and can be used to carry a variety of belongings. Face it—your college dorm is going to be filled with bins. Pack and label your bins beforehand for a few less things to worry about when moving back to college. This way, the items that you know will be stored in bins for the school year will already be sorted and stashed before the mayhem of move-in day comes.

Pack Clothes on Hangers

Hanging up shirt after shirt is tedious and time-wasting, especially when you just took them off hangers to pack them the day before. In order to maximize time and space, one of the best 2018 college hacks for efficient packing is to pack your clothing on hangers. Simply gather a sizable portion of your clothing and store it in a large garbage bag or other bag which will accommodate things of that size.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Moving back to college requires a lot more than merely unloading and unpacking your items into your college dorm. The first few days, you’ll probably have a lot of welcome events or meet-and-greets to attend, meaning that you will have much less time to unpack and set up your room. For this reason, pack an overnight bag of essentials like toiletries and clothes for the first few days just in case you don’t have time to get to all the unpacking in one day.

Bring a Moving Cart

Yes—most colleges do provide moving carts, but oftentimes, they’re in use. Not to mention, students aren’t in a rush to bring that cart back down when they’re finished using it. Bring your own moving cart instead of waiting around for one to become available. This will save a lot of time and hassle.

Buy Things There

There’s a Walmart or department store everywhere. Another one of the best 2018 college hacks is to save purchasing some of the bigger items like bikes or plush chairs for the store near your college. This way, you won’t have to worry about transporting larger objects to your new college dorm.

Your San Antonio movers want your move to San Antonio to be as easy as possible. Make something as strenuous as moving back to college as simple as freshman algebra with these 2018 college hacks.