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10 Free Games for a Spooky San Antonio Halloween

It is never easy moving to a new town, city, or state where you know practically no one and are starting over somewhere new. So, if you have recently moved to San Antonio and this is your first Halloween in town, San Antonio moving companies have come up with a list of the top free games that you can play during your Halloween party. Throw the ultimate spooky Halloween housewarming party with these awesome games!

  1. Murder Mystery Game – For a creepy way to get to know your neighbors, you can put on a murder mystery dinner party and make them become a part of the twisted plot. For free, full murder mystery plots and stories, you can check out a downloadable game site, or you can create one on your own with your family.

  2. Halloween Spooky Secret Box – Let your guests take a guess at what odd item they are feeling, but can’t see, by filling shoe boxes with things that feel awkward if you cannot see what they are. Use items like fuzzy pipe cleaners (spider legs), peeled grapes (eyeballs), a peeled tomato (heart), canned peaches (liver), and pudding with peas (vomit). Cut a hole in the lid of the shoe box and you are done!

  3. Halloween Jinx – This game is fun for an adult party while your kids are out trick-or-treating in their new neighborhood after moving to San Antonio. As your guests arrive, let them know that there are certain words they are not allowed to say. As they say the words, create silly penalties or more adult ones like taking a festive Halloween shot.

  4. Battle of the Balloon Ghosts – Since ghosts are scary and no one wants them around, use white balloons and create ghostly faces on them, then tie a few to the ankles of your guests and play the game of who can pop the most ghosts before theirs are all gone. Whoever is the one left with the most ghosts tied to their ankles wins. This game gets your guests having fun and makes sure that they mingle with everyone at the party.

  5. Halloween Guests Guess Who – As your guests arrive to your spooky San Antonio Halloween house warming, tape a piece of paper to their back that has a Halloween character on it. Then, your guests will have to give clues to each other as to which character is taped on their back, until they can guess it right. This is a great ice breaker game for your guests.

  6. Movie Trivia – What better way to celebrate Halloween with your closest neighbors, friends, and family, other than by playing a good old fashioned game of Halloween movie trivia. You can easily make this game using index cards and a shoe box or hat to place them in for random selection.

  7. Killer Halloween Hide and Shriek – For a spooky San Antonio Halloween party your guests are sure not to forget, request that your guests dress up in their scariest Halloween costumes and have an adult hide-and-seek game in your dimly lit, personal haunted house.

  8. Crime Scene Guests – Make chalk outlines of a few of your guests, like from a scary movie crime scene, and then have your other guests try to guess which guest the outline is of.

  9. Grave Keeper – If you are into zombies, have all of your guests fall to the ground as if they all just died, then appoint one grave keeper to make sure that none of them move. If the grave keeper turns their back, the zombies can move freely, but if they do and the grave keeper doesn’t notice, the grave keeper loses. If the grave keeper can keep an eye on everyone for 2-3 minutes without anyone moving, give them a treat!

  10. Ghostly Presence – San Antonio movers suggest that you choose your sneakiest friend to play the ghost in this game. Have your friend dress up as a ghost and make all of your guests sit in a circle. Whoever can sense that the ghost is behind them is the winner and the next ghost if you are up for another round.
Your first Halloween after moving to San Antonio does not have to scare you, unless you let it.  Make your first Halloween in San Antonio killer with these awesome, fun, and sometimes scary Halloween games from your friends at All My Sons.