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Where to Go Hiking and Biking in Downtown Salt Lake City

For those who are planning on using your Salt Lake City movers in the near future, then you are probably ready to get out of the house for a little bit. Just because it can get quite cold in Salt Lake City doesn’t mean that you have to stay stuck indoors going stir crazy.

In fact, Salt Lake City has a ton of trails for hiking and biking that are accessible right from downtown. Don’t believe us? Then simply check out this list from All My Sons Moving & Storage of where to go hiking and biking in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Cycle the City Route. This 13.5 mile loop takes bikers past monuments, historical sites, and is great for renting one of the city’s many GREENbike’s. The route takes you through the County Building and the stunning Liberty Park. Trust us, even though your Salt Lake City moving company may drive you past these city staples on your way in, you will want a better look!

Hiking to the Living Room. If you are a dog lover, then you will want to hike this 2.5 mile trail anytime from March through November. One of the best pet-friendly hiking trails in all of Salt Lake City, this trail is popular among people with moderate experience levels due to its 1,100 foot elevation. No bikers are allowed on this trail, so you can relax knowing that you can stroll along this hiking trail at any pace you want.

Emigration Canyon. Paired with picture-worthy scenery and historical buildings, this biking route is one that you will want to enjoy first after your Salt Lake City movers finish unpacking all of your belongings in your new home. It goes for eight miles, and goes from the mouth of downtown all the way up to the University of Utah. You can also stop along the way and try the delicious treats from one of Salt Lake’s many renowned restaurants.

Biking to Saltair. Do you have younger bikers in your family that are considered beginners? Or do you feel like taking on a long-distance bike ride? And do you want to take in as much of the Salt Lake views as possible? Then spend a day outside while your Salt Lake City moving company handles the rest – after all, that’s what you hired them for! You will be in awe of all the views along this 18-mile journey; it connects from the international airport, to the industrial park, and through the North Temple Frontage Road. This is the trail to take if you want views of the Great Salt Lake, mountains, and city skyline.