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What to Know About Using Auto Moving Services in Salt Lake City

In the chaos of packing up a home, an office, and an entire family’s belongings, many people fail to consider their vehicle until the final minutes before a move. Your vehicle will be making the trek with you, so its important to make the proper plan to keep your vehicle in perfect shape during your move. The team at All My Sons Moving & Storage understand that people don’t want to risk the wear and tear of a move on their car, by scuffing it up with piles of boxes, or racking up the miles from one location to the next. That’s why we are proud to offer quality auto moving services in Salt Lake City and the surrounding area.

Here’s what you need to know about auto moving services in Salt Lake City

It’s important to ask the right questions when gathering quotes on auto moving. Make sure you ask your moving company how long their estimate is good for, and if their prices change daily. Some companies fluctuate prices, so your auto move today may be more expensive than your auto move tomorrow. Rates may fluctuate due to distance, fuel cost, weight, routes, and the driver availability. All My Sons Auto movers in Salt Lake City can guarantee you a price, so you’re never shocked when the bill comes.

Aside from different estimates, there are a few options you can choose from when it comes to shipping your car. Customers can choose from open carriers, closed carriers, single carriers, and multicarriers. Open carriers are less protective of the elements than closed carriers, but also less expensive than closed carriers. Single vehicle carriers will cost more than a multicarrier which make many stops along their route. A single vehicle carrier is perfect for someone who wants their car shipping directly to their house, without any delay or interruptions. Auto moving services with All My Sons of Salt Lake City allow you to track your vehicle every mile of the way, so you can feel comfortable always knowing the status of your car.

Once you do set up a moving plan with our Salt Lake City moving coordinators, the first thing you should do is remove all belongings from your vehicle. During transit, your car may be moved around a little bit, which is why our team suggest removing any unsecured items. This makes transit easier, and helps avoid any unnecessary liability.

You may consider washing your car. This helps our moving coordinators in the inspection process to determine any dents, scratches, or dings that are apparent before transit – should you have any. There’s no need to gas up; leave as little fuel in your tank as possible before we pick up your car, because a full tank of gas can make your car heavier. On the day of your move, your Salt Lake City auto movers will arrive and ship your car safely and efficiently.

Such as any other local, residential, corporate, or long-distance move, auto moving requires the same attention detail. It’s important to make sure your vehicle is properly prepared to ensure it arrives without a scratch and its new destination, and ready to be driven right away! Salt Lake City Auto moving services with All My Sons is the most convenient way to transfer your car.  Call us today for more information.