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What to Consider on a House Hunting Trip

Going on a house hunting trip is no quick or leisurely activity. There is a lot to take into consideration when trying to find the perfect home for you and your family. Things like demographic, institutions, school systems, and commute times can make all the difference in your new community. With so many houses on the market, it is likely that you could end up looking at a bunch of properties that don’t meet your search criteria or price range. However, with proper planning, the right realtor, and the perfect moving company, your house hunting process could be a breeze.

Here’s what West Valley City movers say you should consider before going on a house hunting trip.

  • Create a list of your neighborhood or community requirements. These can include: commute time to your employer, school requirements for children, community demographics, population, community amenities like entertainment or places for religious worship.


  • Create a second list for personal housing requirements.  This should include your price range, how much room you will need, and any additional features that you require your new home to have. This can help your realtor narrow down your options and save you time overall. To determine the area that will best fit your price range, check out City Reports, a website that will provide you with city demographics, real-estate, and economic information. These reports include income, education, climate, crime, and residential information.


  • Interview realtors over the phone before going on your house hunting trip. Finding a realtor that understands your expectations can be critical to the home buying process. Explain to your realtor that you only want to look at homes that are priced to sell. This will save you time on sellers over pricing their listings for competition.


  • When you do finally go on your well-planned house hunting trip, West Valley City movers recommend you ASK QUESTIONS. If you are going to consider putting a down payment on a home, it’s important that all your questions are answered – no matter how big or small. Your realtor should be able to answer almost any question about the house or area, and if not they should be able to appropriately point you to someone who can.

Here’s what West Valley City movers say you shouldn’t do on a house hunting trip:

  • Don’t go alone. If you are interested in a property, let your realtor know and go look at it with them. It’s safer and proper representative usually makes the sale smoother.
  • Don’t limit yourself time-wise. When planning to look at properties make sure you give yourself plenty of time for an assessment and detailed view of the property. You don’t want to feel like you are making any sort of rushed decision due to time constraints.