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Spoiler Alert: Surprises You Can Expect in Salt Lake City

Having to use your Salt Lake City moving company to relocate your whole family while it is still freezing outside probably isn’t your idea of a good time. Luckily, with the help of All My Sons Moving & Storage, you don’t have to worry because your move is handled by the top professionals in the industry.

What is one of the best parts of moving to Salt Lake City? All of the surprises that the city has in store! Check out this list from All My Sons, of the surprises you can expect in Salt Lake City.

Their mountains get the most snow in the state. One of the main mountains, Alta, gets 560” of snow dumped on it annually, making it the mountain with the highest snowfall in the state. Your Salt Lake City movers also know that the mountains Snowbird, Solitude, and Brighton also get some of the most annual snowfall each year, with 500” of annual snowfall each. Not only that, but there are also seven other mountains that you can pick from that are only an hour’s drive from Salt Lake City.

They have delicious sushi. Just because Salt Lake City is landlocked does not mean that you have to give up eating your favorite foods – including sushi. For those using their Salt Lake City moving company, you will be pleased to know that the sushi restaurants have fresh fish flown in daily. In fact, 13 sushi restaurants in Salt Lake City have yelp ratings of four stars or higher.

The music scene is awesome. Do you have any music lovers in your family? Well then, they will pleased to know that your Salt Lake City movers are relocating you to one of the best cities for music. Some of the regional talent includes Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, and The Used. The Salt Lake City Arts Council has even begun to offer downtown concerts in the park, with bands along the likes of The Black Keys, Bon Iver, Empire of the Sun, MGMT, and Sonic Youth.

There is a ski-in distillery. Not only does Salt Lake City have a ski-in distillery, but they also have the world’s first and only ski-in/ski-out distillery. The High West Distillery & Saloon is located 7,000 feet up on a mountain, and has the title of being Utah’s first distillery since the 1870’s. Make sure you take the High West Distillery Tour, you will get to try their famous spirits and more!

The snow here is different than the rest of the country. Using your Salt Lake City movers to relocate to a new home definitely has its perks, including the fact that you get to experience some of the freshest snow in the area. The snow has a nice dense base topped with a fluffy low-density powder. If you haven’t learned how to ski yet, then now is your opportunity!