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Buying a Home With a Friend

All My Sons of Salt Lake City found out that, according to an article on HosingWatch.com which in turn is reporting on a recent story in the Los Angeles Time, the trend of collegiate men and women rooming together is catching on across the U.S. The increase of men and women living together during college years could be viewed as preparing for living situations later on. A commercial real estate attorney says, in the article, that this trend is extending to larger real estate transactions as well. He says he sees more people buying homes together as friends not romantically-involved partners.

Married couple and divorced couples have specific legal structures in place to answer their specific questions and needs relating to real estate and home sharing, but these ‘just friends, platonic relationships’ don’t. One big problem the article mentions is what happens if one of the mortgage partners passes away? Or what if one partner wants to sell while the other one doesn’t.

One way to deal with these types of issues is for platonic friends and roommates to discuss their plan of exit before they share a mortgage and a home. This will relieve some of the possible trouble and risk involved with the joint-tenancy.

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