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Green Building

An article on MSN.com features inspiring green homes and talks all about the benefits of green building. The article boasts about the Cape Schanck House in Victoria, Australia which was specifically designed to benefit from the stunning views across the Mornington Peninsula.

Green building is known to reduce resource usage and carbon emissions and help protect nature and our environment. There has been lots of talks lately about the green movement. There are numerous energy-efficient programs, state and local governments are passing incentive packages for green building, innovative architects are experimenting with budget-friendly modular homes, buildings made of shipping containers or even airplane parts and discarded bottles.

The Iverness House above Tomales Bay in Iverness, California is rustic in character and flows with the natural contours of the hillside. There’s tons of natural light seeping into the 1,840 square-feet home. It’s built with locally sourced pine and has efficient radiant-heat floors. It also features water-saving technology.

The 4,090 square-foot X house is near Quito, Ecuador is mad of recyclable materials and boasts water-saving fixtures as well as efficient evaporative cooling.

The Holman house just outside Sydney, atop 2300 foot seaside cliff, is described as a palace in this MSN article. There’s lot of sunlight, sea breezes and beauty of course. The core of it acts as a thermally insulated box reducing the need for heat and the inside of the house is filled with furnishing made of natural materials including certified wood.

The Joanopolis House is another green home featured online. It’s just outside Sao Paulo, Brazil measuring 4,670 square feet. The home showcases three patios, a roof garden, local stone walls and more. The bathrooms are clustered to make the more efficient and the placement of the home actually maximizes cross-ventilation.

Another home featured as one of the best in green building is the Rochedale House in Brentwood, California. It’s a prefab home, making it more cost-effective than traditional construction. The home’s modules can be assembled in three days. The Rochedale House achieved LEED Gold Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. It has great indoor air quality, high energy and water efficiency and photovoltaic solar power. At the end of it’s life, 76% of the home’s materials can be recycled.

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