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Cheap Ways to Decorate For the Holidays in Your New Salt Lake City Home

If you have recently made the move to Salt Lake City, chances are that you are busy unpacking and getting your family settled into your new home. Moving costs can add up, and before you know it, you are considering taking this holiday season off to save money. If you have recently moved and think seasonal decorating isn’t in the budget this year, All My Sons Salt Lake City Movers have some great ideas for cheap ways to decorate for the holidays. These nifty ideas will have your home looking fabulous during the season, at a fraction of the cost of retail store decorations.

Candy Cane Vase – Unpack a clear glass vase after moving to Salt Lake City and fill it with candy canes, hooking them onto the edge of the vase. Place artificial or real poinsettias in the middle of the arrangement and tie a red ribbon around the middle to hold everything in place.

Festive Pinecones – Take a break from unpacking and head outside with your family after moving to Salt Lake City. Gather pinecones that are in decent shape and spray paint them gold, silver or both. If you don’t want to spray them a metallic color, consider spraying the pinecones with tacky glue and sprinkling glitter on them. Place the decorated pinecones along your mantle, in a bowl or around the holiday centerpiece on your dining room table for the perfect holiday trimmings.

Present PillowsSalt Lake City moving companies suggest turning the pillows you already have on your couch or sitting chairs into holiday presents by adding a bow to each of them with ribbon. You can even add a pretty embellishment to the bow to dress up your presentation.

Holiday Card Christmas Tree – If you still have a few bare walls after making a move to Salt Lake City, fill one up with a holiday card Christmas tree. Use the holiday cards you receive in the mail to create a Christmas tree wall decoration that will take up a decent amount of space and add to the holiday feel in your new home.

Christmas Luminarias – Light up your driveway and walkway with bright luminarias made from white paper lunch bags, sand and tea lights. Place the sand at the bottom of the paper bag and the tea light on top of the sand in the middle of the bag. Line the luminarias down each side of your driveway and walkway a few feet apart from each other. After dark, your homemade luminarias will give off a warm light that is sure to make friends and family feel welcome.

Holiday Candy Bar – Our local Salt Lake City movers suggest using clear glass apothecary jars and stemware, such as wine or martini glasses, to display holiday-colored candy. You can use peppermints, candy canes, and red and green M&M’s to create the perfect holiday candy display that your new neighbors won’t be able to keep their hands out of.   

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